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Inspired Learning

Private and Semi-Private Instruction In-Person or Virtual Lessons Online

Haul-In and Have a lesson with your own horse.

Receive detailed information specific to you and your own horse by allowing your instructor to

observe, evaluate and create and work through a plan and approach to fit you both.

Private Lessons

$75 Per Hour

Semi-Private Lessons (2 Riders)

$100 Per Hour

Looking for Something more In-Depth for you and your horse?

Check out our Stay & Study Programs.


From the Ground Up Horsemanship School

(June - November)

Offering horse related learning opportunities for our local community while promoting excellence in horsemanship!

Students learn and increase their competency 

in all areas from the ground to the saddle.

Simply Groundwork

Use Our School Horses

4-week program, 1 day per week 1 hr. lesson $400

4-week program, 2 days per week 1 hr. lesson $525

Evalutation lesson $90 - We want to be sure we are a good fit.

A 1-time evaluation lesson is performed before a horsemanship program is offered; this fee will be applied towards your first 4-week program should you become a student.

Whether you already have a horse of your own or just want to learn more about them!

This program is a good option for those who are as young as 12 through adults of any age who may not own their own horse. 

And also, a good fit for the horse owner wanting to gain some perspective and knowledge from a horse that has been educated to offer good groundwork skills, so they might understand better what they are trying to build into their own horses.


The Simply Groundwork Program is simply groundwork including, basic groundwork, trail obstacles, trailer loading, using ground poles and other obstacles to develop strength, balance and coordination in the horse, basic ground handling and technique, horsemanship philosophy, approach to training, reading and responding to the horses expressions, how to prepare a horse to be tied up, basic horse health and care, basic nutrition, grooming for good health, hoof care, groundwork, riding equipment selection, application, care, how to evaluate, shop for and select a horse for future purchase and much more.

Coming Soon!

Groundwork to Ridden Work Program

Use Our School Horses

From the Ground Up Horsemanship School Cancellation Policy

Your lesson time has been reserved especially for you. We understand that emergencies can happen, and at times an appointment may need to be cancelled or rescheduled.

Riders are limited to a maximum of 2 make ups per year.

Lessons must be cancelled 24 hours in advance in order to receive a make-up lesson.


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