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Horsemanship, Vaquero & Classical Dressage Techniques and Philosophy

Intermediate - Advancing Training

60 day minimum commitment includes a weekly lesson.

$1100 per month

Includes continued development of foundation work leading to proper engagement, strength, balance, and coordination exercises, yielding the whole body, softly to the seat, leg and rein aids, lateral maneuverability of the shoulders and hips, lateral flexion (poll), lateral bend (neck and body), longitudinal flexion (poll and topline of body) and self-carriage. Also includes navigating, ground poles and trail type obstacles to assist in developing, strength balance, coordination and self-confidence.

Colt Starting and Training for Green Broke Horses

60 day minimum commitment includes a weekly lesson.

$1100 per month

We highly recommend and prioritize those horses who have had one month of the groundwork training listed below. Groundwork training may be completed the month prior to their colt start training or anytime during the year prior to their colt start training at our facility. This ensures a more solid foundation, more ride time for the colt and also benefits those who may have little to no experience developing young horses.

Includes basic colt start related groundwork and ridden work at all three gaits, tying, navigating trail type obstacles and any additional issues that need attention.

Groundwork Training

30 day minimum commitment includes a weekly lesson.

$900 per month

We highly recommend 30 days of groundwork training to those who may be interested in having their colt started at our facility. Topics adjusted according to need and age of horse. Yearling's to aged horse's welcome. 

Includes halter breaking, general handling, navigating trail obstacles, trailer loading, pre-ride preparation for colts, saddling, tying, hoof handling, hobbling (must be 2yrs and older for hobbling) and behavioral issues.

Topics adjusted according to need and age of horse. Yearling's to aged horse's welcome.  

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